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Chop the parsley. Remove the zest from the lemon. Mince the garlic clove. Put the olive oil in a bowl, add the parsley, garlic and zest and mix. Slice the sun-dried tomatoes.


Weigh all the ingredients for the pizza dough and gather whatever’s needed for the tomato sauce.


Crush the cookies to fine crumbs, process the pistachios and melt the butter for the dessert’s crust. Wash the grapes for the yoghurt cream.


Weigh all the ingredients for the rice pudding. Wash and slice the peaches for the topping.


New advertising campaign for the DODONI dairy industry.

The values that have set the DODONI dairy industry apart all these years and have added that unique taste to its products, the Taste of Good, are the focus of the company’s new campaign, taking viewers on a journey through the beautiful landscapes of Epirus, the place where DODONI was born and has grown to become one of the top dairy industries in the country today.


DODONI, the leading dairy industry of Epirus with a history of more than half a century producing pure, quality products, consistently stays one step ahead of current trends and consumer demands as it strives to enhance its portfolio of products and invest in new packaging.