social responsibility



With its commercial success through its operation, DODONI has widely contributed to the Greek society.

The company's key objective is to obtain fresh milk mostly produced by the farmers of Epirus. For that reason, DODONI absorbs the annual milk production of over 5.000 cattle-breeders of the Region, supporting, at the same, the Milk Zone, by using scientific methods and providing advice during the whole year.

DODONI occupies roughly 400 permanent and seasonal employees, being the Region’s biggest employer and playing thus a decisive role in the economic activity of Epirus.

At the same time, in the context of its social responsibility, DODONI is implementing a wide sponsorship program, which supports Cultural, Sports, Educative and Social activities.

DODONI – supporting local producers

Present for over half a century, DODONI is known for its close bonds of trust and cooperation with the local milk producers of Epirus.

As part of its ongoing efforts to continually improve its cooperation with its more than 5,500 producers, the company has created a portal specifically to keep them personally informed, effectively limiting any difficulties they might encounter in transporting their products. Whenever they like, the company’s partners can quickly and easily obtain up-to-date information through this platform regarding the quantity and quality of the milk they deliver – as well as details regarding their financial transactions with the company. Additionally, the platform provides producers with scientific support round the clock on a daily basis.

Moreover, from 2014 DODONI has implemented a pioneering program designed to optimize production performance among select dairy farms in the “milk belt” of northern Greece with the aim of increasing the quantity produced each year and improving the annual qualitative characteristics of the products. This program supports proper and controlled nutrition for livestock and has resulted in greater quantities of milk produced, in combination with improved quality.

Finally, consistent with the company’s vision and philosophy, every year DODONI faithfully adheres to its policy of providing advance payments to its producers, setting aside an annual sum of 5 million euro for this purpose. It also continues to pay them higher prices than the wider market value – in recognition of the high quality and exceptional purity of the milk they provide.

Since November 2013, DODONI supports the non-profit organization, The Smile of the Child, providing three Houses of the organization in Corfu, Agrinio and Melissia with fresh and healthy milk. Since December 2014, DODONI has also started supporting the House of Temeni, located at Aigio.

DODONI supports the Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals (KETHEA) of Epirus, every day offering its products to cover the needs of the Center.

At DODONI we believe at the high importance of sports development for children. We are proud to be the sponsor of the amateur athletic team PAS Ioannina as well as supporting various sport events around the region.

DODONI supports the well-known Nautical Club of Ioannina and Rowing. The club has raised athletes who have won Olympic medals, as well as numerous distinctions both globally and in Greece.