social responsibility



DODONI, the leading dairy industry in Epirus, engages in a wide variety of activities at both local and national level, as an expression of its corporate social responsibility.
Through its sponsorship and charitable activities, DODONI promotes voluntary and philanthropic work, team spirit and solidarity, and thus promotes:

• the tackling of key social problems
• the growth of innovation
• the improvement of the daily lives of its thousands of producers

In this way the company conveys the Taste of Good every day, not only through its products, but also through its engagement and contribution.

DODONI for Family and Society

True to the values it represents, DODONI participates as effectively as possible in initiatives intended to support individuals and the wider community, as well as providing support to cultural institutions in the fields of education, research and innovation.
In recent years the company has frequently made large quantities of dairy products available to various agencies and non-profit organizations, amounting to more than 80 tonnes in all.
DODONI actively supports the work of the Dourahani Monastery and the Holy Metropolis of Ioannina. It supplies products on a daily basis to local parishes which run soup kitchens in Epirus, Athens, Nikaia, Thebes and Agrinio to the Nursing Home of the Holy Metropolis; to the Ioannina Orphanage; to the Pogoniani home of the Ark of the World; to children's camps; to families in need. It has also donated more than 10 tonnes of dairy products to the Club for UNESCO of Piraeus and Islands for distribution among the poor.

The company is also committed to supporting events organised for children and the Metropolitan and Archdiocesan Centre for Children's Creative Activity, promoting the development of healthy and balanced children.

In addition, over the past three years DODONI has provided over 5 tons of dairy products to celebrate World Milk Day - a significant date for the company - and the Christmas holidays, to child care organizations such as:

• The ELEPAP-Rehabilitation for The Disabled rehabilitation centres in Athens, Thessaloniki and Ioannina
• SOS Children's Villages (in Vari)
• The Chatzikiriakeio Foundation of Child Support
• The Smile of the Child (Athens, Aigio and Corfu)
• The ‘FLOGA’ Parents Association of Children with Cancer – Ioannina branch.

In supplying its products to three primary schools in the Municipality of Ioannina, the company is helping to meet the needs of 350 children, while also sponsoring the provision of sports equipment at the Longades and Pramanta Primary Schools.

It has furthermore responded to many appeals from schools by purchasing and distributing classroom equipment such as projectors, PCs and laptops to enhance learning and teaching, and has been quick to respond to moving letters received from pupils in mountain schools and deprived regions appealing for financial support so that their poorer, economically disadvantaged classmates can take part in school excursions.

Finally, it has sponsored school trips to CERN as well as the participation of groups of pupils in a number of international and European robotics, ecotrophelia and other competitions.

DODONI for sports

By actively promoting the love of life and voluntary work, the company is committed to supporting initiatives that promote unity and solidarity.

With this aim, DODONI has in recent years been a consistent sponsor of the Ioannina Lake Run, one of the most creative and appealing sporting events to take place in Ioannina.

In its support of this unique race on one of the most beautiful routes around Lake Pamvotida, DODONI spreads the message that sport is for everyone, sponsoring the "Mom-Stroller" category and the now well-established Pasta Party.

At the same time, the company supports the ‘DODONI Pre-juniors Bambini’ football championship every year, with more than 400 children, aged between 5 and 9, from all the local academies in Epirus. DODONI is a major sponsor of this event, providing large quantities of its products for young football players each year. Besides these sporting events, DODONI is a regular patron of amateur sporting clubs for weightlifting (Spartakos), fencing and tennis, in Epirus as well as the rest of Greece. It also supports the football academies of PAS GIANNINA F.C. and many other clubs for young athletes.

DODONI – supporting local producers

Present for over half a century, DODONI is known for its close bonds of trust and cooperation with the local milk producers of Epirus.

As part of its ongoing efforts to continually improve its cooperation with its more than 5,500 producers, the company has created a portal specifically to keep them personally informed, effectively limiting any difficulties they might encounter in transporting their products. Whenever they like, the company’s partners can quickly and easily obtain up-to-date information through this platform regarding the quantity and quality of the milk they deliver – as well as details regarding their financial transactions with the company. Additionally, the platform provides producers with scientific support round the clock on a daily basis.

Moreover, from 2014 DODONI has implemented a pioneering program designed to optimize production performance among select dairy farms in the “milk belt” of northern Greece with the aim of increasing the quantity produced each year and improving the annual qualitative characteristics of the products. This program supports proper and controlled nutrition for livestock and has resulted in greater quantities of milk produced, in combination with improved quality.

Finally, consistent with the company’s vision and philosophy, every year DODONI faithfully adheres to its policy of providing advance payments to its producers, setting aside an annual sum of 5 million euro for this purpose. It also continues to pay them higher prices than the wider market value – in recognition of the high quality and exceptional purity of the milk they provide.