goat products



At DODONI we are committed to our values to produce nutritious and premium quality food products from 100% Greek milk, from 5,500 producers in over 500 villages around the Epirus region.

Recently, we launched DODONI goat yogurt while we proceeded with an artwork lifting of our DODONI Goat cheese, both products made from 100% Greek goat milk. Goat products are one of the most popular dairy products not only for their unique taste but also for their nutrient content. DODONI Goat products can be digested easier due to the fact that goat milk has smaller fat globules than cow milk. Furthermore, despite the presence of lactose in Goat yogurt, the amount is less than in cow’s, while in Goat cheese there is almost zero lactose left after maturation.

Use our Goat products in your favorite recipes and sauces for a unique culinary experience.

The Taste of Good never tasted that good!


  Goat Yogurt Goat Cheese Goat Cheese Cubes
  Quantity per 100 g Quantity per 100gr Quantity per Serving % Daily intake (per serving)
Quantity per 100gr

298kJ (71 kcal)

1243kJ (297kcal) 372kJ (89 kcal) 3
2497kJ (597kcal)
FAT 4,2 g 7.5g 7.5 g 5

67.7 g

OF WHICH SATURATES 2,9 g 5.6g 5.6 g 10 18 g
CARBOHYDRATE 4,8g 0 0 g 0 <1 g
OF WHICH SUGARS 4.8g 0 0 g 0 <1 g
PROTEINS 3.6 5.4g 5.4 g 11g <1 g
SALT 0.18g 0.8g 0,8 g 13g 1,1 g