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Feta DODONI and DODONI Strained Yoghurt added a delectable touch to the dishes of the diner de gala.

The DODONI dairy industry made quite a splash as the official sponsor of the ”Toques d’ Or” award ceremony, which took place at the iconic Grande Bretagne Hotel on Monday, September 13.

Mr. Hector Botrini, the chef and owner of "Etrusco" and "Botrini's" restaurants, was invited to design and prepare the menu for the legendary award ceremony night.

The authentic and award-winning DODONI Feta PDO cheese and the DODONI Strained Yoghurt enriched the distinguished chef's imaginative dishes, impressing the guests with the masterly harmony of the delicious flavours that he created, proving once again that high gastronomy and quality raw material are two interrelated concepts.

DODONI's presence, as well as its high-quality and tasty products made from 100% Greek fresh milk, bind the firm to prominent restaurants and high-end gastronomy specialists, who continue to rely on the company's excellent quality, showing off the country's modern culinary scene.

DODONI's Marketing Manager, Vicky Papoutsaki, stated: “We are delighted to have the backing of such a prestigious institution. The "Toques d’ Or " Awards are arguably the longest-running tradition that annually recognizes and honours the greatest restaurants in the country, resulting in a genuine celebration of taste. DODONI is tied closely to the institution's attributes and could not be absent from this event, for it is a night devoted to high gastronomy and a celebration of taste, with a focus on quality, nutritional balanc


We strongly believe that feta is not just a cheese. It's an idea, full of stories.

Just like the "A Greek salad with the feta aside" is not just a slogan. It is our whole life.

Α quick online search reveals that the subject of "feta" is nearly existential for the Greeks. BBDO’s Ode to Feta, includes truths such as "-I'd have 500g Feta, please." Is it okay if it's 10kg? -Sure, whatever!” and psychoanalytic theories claiming that “for a relationship to be successful, when filled veggies are on the table, one eats the tomatoes, the other the peppers, and there is feta for everyone”. It is a social video that encapsulates all the knowledge around our National Cheese in a way that only a Greek can feel and describe it. After all, the majority of people are perplexed as to how a sentence like "I don't eat feta" isn't a reason for divorce, a criminal offence, and so on.

"Ode to Feta" begins as a digital video from DODONI's social media, evolves into pre-roll, social content, and then spreads its wings, asking the public to join in.

Influencers and regular users contribute their own knowledge, wisdom, and lines to the campaign on Instagram, expanding the Ode to Feta and participating in a unique competition until July 29 in which three lucky individuals will receive a year's supply of DODONI feta.

Besides, for a cheese that is a source of national pride, such as DODONI feta, advertising is insufficient. It needs an Ode. This is common knowledge!

Enjoy the "Ode to Feta" from DODONI, the No. 1 feta in Greece, here

Feta DODONI: The whole taste of Epirus, in one name:

The PDO feta DODONI is worldwide recognized and acknowledged for its excellent and consistent quality, since it is made entirely of pasteurized Greek sheep and goat milk. Words are meaningless when it comes to its flavour, as it is rewarded daily with a special place at the consumer table!

Whether plain, with oil and oregano, saganaki or as an accompaniment to every meal, in salads, pies, omelettes and soufflés, DODONI feta is unique and absolutely worth every ode.


New DODON Lactose-free Strained Yoghurt, from 100% Greek, fresh cow's milk


DODONI dairy industry, faithfully following the modern nutritional trends and consumer demands, expands its product line, launching the new DODONI Lactose-free Strained Yoghurt 2%, from 100% Greek fresh milk

The new DODONI Lactose-free Strained Yoghurt 2% has a modern appearance and preserves the texture and flavour of the popular DODONI Strained Yoghurt, while providing all the nutritious advantages of yoghurt without the lactose.

With the launching of this new product, the company hopes to introduce to the public a new light and healthy option for people who are lactose intolerant or follow a vegetarian diet, while yet retaining all the nutrition of milk as it is easier absorbed by the human body.

The new DODONI Lactose-free Strained Yoghurt 2% fat, which is already available in the refrigerators of major supermarkets around Greece, is a perfect choice for any time of day, without lacking anything but lactose!

Already having 9 yoghurt codes available in the market today, DODONI continues to invest steadily in developing its product line, adapting to contemporary trends and nutritional requirements, and manufacturing new codes in order to increase its market share in Greece and abroad, where it already has a significant presence.

"Guided by the innovation and outstanding quality that has characterized DODONI dairy products for over half a century, we noticed the prevalent demand for consumption of lactose-free goods and developed the new DODONI Lactose-free Strained Yoghurt," said Mr. Michalis Panagiotakis, CEO of DODONI. “Our objective remains the same: to provide a comprehensive selection of goods for various times throughout the day, while also being devoted to developing new products with the continual goal of improving our customers' nutrition and quality of life. As a result, we're continuing to extend our yogurt variety to satisfy the demands of both domestic and international customers.”

In its new advertising campaign, DODONI introduces this new product, which stands out for its great flavour and unique texture, and urges the audience to try it. The commercial was created by the advertising agency BBDO.


You may enjoy it here


The company was distinguished for two initiatives implemented with the participation of 14,380 Active Citizens


DODONI won two new awards during the Bravo Sustainability Week 2021 organized by the QualityNet Foundation, regarding the company's initiative for the Strong Implementation of Sustainability Strategies and Corporate Social Responsibility as well as for the Support of Vulnerable Groups During the First Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

More specifically, DODONI was singled out in the Bravo Governance pillar for its outstanding execution of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility strategies over the last year, actively supporting the Epirus region, the Greek primary industry, as well as society at large via responsibility and sustainable initiatives focusing on Environmental Responsibility, Sustainable Supply and Respect for Labour, Human and Corporate Rights and Standards.

At the same time, DODONI was distinguished in the Bravo Society Pillar for its continuous social program "The Taste of Good," through which it has aided disadvantaged and financially vulnerable groups of individuals in the Regions of Epirus and Attica since the outbreak of the first wave of COVID-19. In particular, the firm was successful in providing effective assistance to the aforementioned groups, assuring them secure access to essential services and thus restricting public movement, while it also contributed by providing a substantial volume of medical material to the University Hospital of Ioannina.

"In DODONI, we are extremely glad to be once again in the fortunate position to get two such honorary awards." Mr. Michalis Panagiotakis, CEO of DODONI, said of these new distinctions. “It is not just another award for us; it is recognition of our collective work and effort to contribute to the protection of biodiversity and natural resources through responsible practices, to provide an excellent working environment while managing to focus on the society at large and the local community through social and voluntary actions and initiatives. We are committed to continuing to evolve while staying true to our company principles.”

Bravo Sustainability Week 2021 is an annual gathering of all Responsible Organizations that develop initiatives to support our transition to a more sustainable future, as well as Active Citizens who participate in and contribute to the success and development of initiatives that shape the creation of tomorrow's Greece.


DODONI Dairy was granted five new international prizes this year as part of the International Taste Institute's Superior Taste Awards 2021 competition, the leading independent organization for the promotion and recognition of superior food and drinks.

Thanks to the exceptional quality and outstanding raw material, namely the 100% Greek milk, DODONI dairy stood out for yet another year, gaining for its products the highest distinction of three golden stars, as well as the comparably high distinction of two golden stars.

More specifically, the DODONI goods that won the highest distinction of the three golden stars, according to the jury's judgment, include the popular DODONI Strained Yoghurt with 2% fat, made with 100% Greek fresh milk, milk proteins, and yoghurt culture, as well as the award-winning DODONI PDO Feta cheese.

The DODONI Barrel Aged PDO Feta with four-month maturation, which is based on the traditional method of production in wooden oak barrels, the DODONI Strained Yoghurt without lactose, and the DODONI light cheese with less fat, all of which are made from fresh, pasteurized, goat and sheep 100% Greek milk, were all awarded two golden stars.

DODONI, which has the largest milk zone in Greece and collects only 100% Greek milk, has been producing authentic dairy products with love and commitment for over almost half a century now. With main concern that of excellent quality and rich taste, its goods stand out constantly in both the local and international market, owing to their exceptional quality and authentic taste.

"Every distinction is a small celebration." stated Mr. Michalis Panagiotakis, CEO of DODONI. "We are honored that our goods continue to earn worldwide distinction, of such high and acknowledged status. The superior quality of DODONI products and their unique flavor are the result of our commitment over the years to be ambassadors of authentic Greek taste in our country and around the world, bringing the Taste of Good and values such as tradition, authenticity, genuineness, passion, and responsibility to every home and table.”

The Superior Taste Awards are organized annually by the International Institute of Taste and Quality - iTQi, which is a global leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food and beverages.


The popular DODONI fresh milk with cocoa is already available in the market with a renewed, dynamic artwork


The popular DODONI milk with chocolate is now available in supermarket refrigerators in the convenient package of 0.5 liters, with a new look and the same incomparable taste that is loved by both children and adults!

Whilst maintaining the characteristic chocolate colour, the new beautiful look of DODONI milk with cocoa comes to highlight its originality, combining a modern and delectable art that dominates its packaging with the timeless logo and the company's trademark red colour in a very innovative way.

DODONI milk with cocoa is made from skimmed, 100% fresh Greek milk sourced daily by 5,500 Greek producers in 514 villages of the country, ensuring a superior flavour while retaining all essential nutrients.

Discover now the new renewed packaging of DODONI milk with cocoa and enjoy your favourite milk at any time of the day, wherever you are!

Starting from Epirus, DODONI has been delivering the Taste of Good to thousands of customers every day for 58 years, who choose it for its authenticity and high quality, producing 100 different products. At the same time, the company invests heavily in expanding its product line to keep up with contemporary trends and nutritional requirements.