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Boil the pasta in plenty of well-salted water, drain it and toss with some olive oil. Wash the vegetables and chop them.


Sauté the onion, the fresh onion and the leeks in olive oil in a large non stick frying pan. Add the spinach and cook until most liquids are evaporised Add the mint and dill and mix well. Add the cheese, salt, pepper and paprika and cook for 2-3 minutes. Transfer to the blender and blend until creamy. Then transfer the contents of the blender to a bowl, allow to come to room temperature and incorporate the yogurt. Mix gently, using a whisk until you have a homogeneous mixture.


Chop the onion, spring onion and herbs and weigh all the ingredients for the chickpea fritters.


DODONI Dairy Industry continues to be #1 in the PDO feta category in both sales volume and value, based on IRI data, further strengthening the bond of trust and honesty it has built with consumers over the past 66 years.


Gather all the ingredients for the meatballs. Wash and chop the vegetables for the soup. 


Prepare all the ingredients for the feta cream. Wash and chop the vegetables for the spinach rice.