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The company has won the top award and a total of 7 awards


Just before the end of 2023, during the Healthy Food & Beverage Awards event held on 13 December, DODONI won the highest distinction and was named “Healthy Brand of the Year”.

In addition to the top distinction, the company won 4 GOLD awards for DODONI Strained Yoghurt, DODONI Feta P.D.O. with 40% less salt, DODONI Galotyri (soft creamy cheese), Feta Snacks, as well as 1 BRONZE award for DODONI Traditional Yoghurt and 1 SILVER award for DODONI Spread.

The glamorous awards ceremony included the presentation of the Vegan Awards 2024, with the popular DODONI Plant’d plant-based desserts stealing the limelight for yet another year, as they won the GOLD award. The DODONI Plant’d range consists of Plant’d Oats, Plant’d Oats-Vanilla, Plant’d Oats-Apple-Cinnamon, as well as the new code DODONI Plant’d Orange-Bergamot.

While dynamically continuing the upward trend of the last 60 years, DODONI remains faithful to its values concerning the creation of authentic and high-quality products, its key concern being excellent quality and unique taste resulting from the best and highest-quality raw materials, therefore standing out in the domestic as well as the international market.

Vicky Papoutsaki, Marketing Manager of DODONI, stated about the new awards: “For us at DODONI, the production of high-quality products with unrivalled taste is a key priority. Being named “Healthy Brand of the Year”, along with the other 6 awards we received, is a significant recognition of our commitment to the above.  The recognition we receive from institutions such as the Healthy Food & Beverage Awards encourages us to continue on our path with consistency, responsibility and, above all, with the passion that has distinguished us for more than half a century.”




As part of the BITE Awards, DODONI was awarded the Bronze prize in the category “Large-Scale Information Technology Projects”. This award recognized the company’s dedicated efforts in the digital sector, focusing on the Digital Transformation of its Operational Model with the assistance of Galaxy ERP.

This particular award highlights the significant role played by digital transformation through the integration of Galaxy ERP into the company's business processes. The use of this innovative solution has greatly contributed to enhancing productivity, serving customers with precision and speed, and effectively managing its business operations.

Galaxy ERP allows DODONI to upgrade its business processes in their entirety, unify the management of its corporate structures, simplify internal procedures, and provide real-time information about its operations.

Furthermore, the quantitative improvements include reduced administrative time, faster completion of warehouse tasks, minimization of batch product tracing time, quicker order processing, and the possibility to extend and improve the use of ERP.

Galaxy ERP marks a new era for DODONI as the company steadily continues to focus on its growth.

For 60 years now, DODONI has demonstrated its dedication to producing high-quality Greek dairy products, showcasing Greek heritage and expanding its exports to over 50 countries across the globe.


A new era in enjoyment has just begun!

DODONI, responding to evolving recommendations and trends, is pitching a “New Recipe, New Era” for DODONI Strained Yoghurt, aiming to offer a unique yoghurt experience.

All of DODONI's quality and expertise is condensed in this unique, protein-rich yoghurt, with a creamy texture and incredible taste for any hour of the day.

The new DODONI Strained Yoghurt comes in three unique versions: Full fat, with 8% fat content and 100% fresh Greek milk, 2% fat, and 0% fat.

With the tagline “Some people are in their own world. And you... are in DODONI”, the new launch is supported by a 360 strategy, including television, radio, cinema, in-store materials and actions, as well as digital and social.

As Mr. Michalis Panagiotakis, CEO of the Company, stated: “By focusing on the needs of the modern consumer, DODONI keeps on producing innovative goods and creating new product categories to give even more alternatives to Greek and worldwide consumers. The “New Recipe, New Era” strategy for our Greek Yoghurt reflects our commitment to innovation and our continuous pursuit to produce dairy products of excellent quality and taste. We have perfected our recipe to ensure that every spoonful of DODONI strained yoghurt offers the smoothest texture and unique flavour. We steadily continue, prioritizing our strategic plan, focusing on strengthening our presence in existing and new product categories, whilst retaining the same zeal and excellent tasty and quality that are characteristic of all DODONI products.”

With over 12 product categories and more than 100 unique product codes, DODONI continues to respond to modern consumer trends and invest in strengthening its portfolio, producing products of superior quality and authentic taste.



For the third consecutive year, DODONI had the honour to participate as golden sponsor at the prestigious “Toque D’ Or” award ceremony, held at the iconic Grande Bretagne Hotel on Monday, September 11.

This year's awards ceremony showcased the culinary expertise of Greece’s top 11 chefs, selected through a vote organized by ‘Athinorama’ magazine, with the participation of more than 200 chefs of renowned skills and high prestige.

DODONI took centre stage with its exquisite and multi-award-winning PDO Feta as the main ingredient for this year's menu. Τhe fusion of DODONI PDO Feta with the gastronomic know-how of the acclaimed chefs created a memorable culinary experience that captivated the senses of all the attendees.

Vicky Papoutsaki, Marketing Manager of DODONI, stated: “We are proud to be sponsoring this awards ceremony for another year. Οur collaboration this year was of particular significance, as we focused on highlighting the excellent taste of DODONI PDO Feta. The ‘pairing’ of our feta with all the culinary creations on the menu was proof of our commitment to bringing Greek gastronomy to the fore. We are fully dedicated to preserving the rich gastronomic tradition of Greece, whilst embracing innovation. We believe in the use of high-quality ingredients to highlight the power of gastronomy!”



For yet another year, DODONI's well-loved products received have been awarded from the Superior Taste Awards competition held by the International Taste Institute, a leading independent organization for the promotion and recognition of foods and beverages with superior tastes.


Dodoni is the leading Greek & Cypriot dairy manufacturer and best-selling Feta PDO brand. Dodoni is a love brand in Greece, with a rich 60-year-old heritage. It has a wide portfolio of over 80 skus of cheeses, yogurts, plant-based products, and snacks. With turnover of close to 150 million € Dodoni leads in quality and sales in Greece together with a presence in over 50 international markets.