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Milk is a necessary food for the body’s optimal function, given that it is the exclusive food during the early stages of life. There are many types of milk, both of animal and of vegetable origin. However, the most common type of milk is cow's milk, which is characterized by a high protein content (casein). Peptides derived from casein enhance the body's defence mechanisms, regulate blood pressure, and help to deal with stress since they have soothing properties. Moreover, cow's milk consumption is recommended on a daily basis, since it is rich in calcium, phosphorus and vitamin B12, nutrients that are necessary for skeletal and teeth health, for the production of healthy red blood cells and for the proper function of the central nervous system. Cow's milk nutritional value is presented in detail below: .

Finally, cow's milk contains lactose, a nutrient which belongs to the group of sugars and enhances calcium absorption in the intestine.