yoghurt pannacotta with pomegranate jelly
recipe by:
Madame Ginger
Level of difficulty
Time needed 210 minutes


200 ml DODONI fresh milk 3,5% fat...

9 gelatine leaves...

160 gr. caster sugar...

1 vanilla pod...

300 gr. DODONI authentic Greek yoghurt 8%...

500 ml cold pomegranate juice ...

½ pomegranate, seeds only...


Put the gelatine leaves in two separate bowls of cold water and leave to soak for five minutes.

Put the yoghurt in a large jug, stirring to loosen it up and set aside.

Split the pod lengthwise into two halves and run the unsharpened side of your knife down the length of each of the pod halves, using firm pressure to take the seeds. 


Place the milk, sugar and vanilla seeds and pod into a small pan and heat it without letting it boil. Squeeze the excess water out of the 3 gelatines leaves and drop them in the creamy mixture. Stir until dissolve and leave to cool. 

Once cool, pour yoghurt in the creamy mixture and then gently whisk everything together. Pour the mixture into the six glasses, dividing it evenly and place them in the fridge and allowing them to set for 1-2 hours, or until nice and firm.

Meanwhile, for the jelly layer, place half of the juice and the sugar in a small sauce pan and heat it well. Stir in the 6 gelatine leaves squeezed well and the rest of the juice and let it cool.  

Pour the cool jelly over each one, dividing it evenly. Return the glasses back to the fridge for 1,5 hour, or until the jelly is set firm. Top each pannacotta with pomegranate seeds and serve.