What's New

The new delicious semi-hard cheese suitable for toast, DODONI TouTost, just arrived to enrich the big variety of DODONI products. It’s made exclusively from 100% Greek, sheep and cow milk and matured for four months. This is why it has a unique, rich taste which makes every toast really enjoyable! Suitable for every moment of the day, you can enjoy it as it comes, as a basic ingredient for tasteful snacks, or as part of your favorite recipes.

The new cheese TouTost is also available in light option, with just 17% fat for those who are on a balanced diet.
You can find it in prepacked slices of 200gr in any food market or at the super markets’ cutting bench. 


A light cheese with only 12% fat, made from 100% Greek goat’s and sheep’s milk. Reduction of fat is achieved with a totally natural method, without any chemical elaboration. Enjoy it in every meal or create unique recipes! 

Find DODONI light cheese in a special plastic pack of 360g in natural brine. Only for the consumers aboard, DODONI Light is available in the vacuum packs of 180g.