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Lay the pork in a piece of parchment paper and season.
Cut the prunes lengthwise and array on the pork. 
Cut graviera into sticks and place along the meat. Grate the kefalograviera and cover the cover the rest of the ingredients.


Grate graviera and sheep’s graviera.
Wash the potatoes well.


A light cheese with only 12% fat, made from 100% Greek goat’s and sheep’s milk. Reduction of fat is achieved with a totally natural method, without any chemical elaboration. Enjoy it in every meal or create unique recipes! 

Find DODONI light cheese in a special plastic pack of 360g in natural brine. Only for the consumers aboard, DODONI Light is available in the vacuum packs of 180g.


Dice the bananas, for the banana milkshake.


Cook the rice in boiling water and then drain it.
Add raisins and oil to rice fluff with a fork. Transfer to a shallow bowl, cover loosely with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until cool, about 1 hour.


In a saucepan, stir in the flour and the melted butter. Stir the 2 together into a paste over medium heat. Whisk in the milk to create the béchamel sauce. Drop the temperature a little and simmer the sauce for about 10 minutes so it thickens and the flour taste cooks out.