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Boil the lentils for 2 minutes and strain. Boil again in salted water until tender. 
Drain and cool well with running tap water.



Chop the herbs and add in a bowl with galotyri. Add smoked paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper.

DODONI, a leading producer and distributor of dairy products in Greece, participated once more in the International Food Fair «Anuga 2015» which was held in Cologne, Germany

Increased working hours can affect our dietary habits in a negative way, since we rarely devote time to cook and supply our refrigerator with food. Thus, most working individuals tend to be in a fasting state (abstain from food) for many hours during the day, eat once a day usually late at night, and consume ready-to-eat meals (fast food). These meals are usually high in fat, calories and salt, and at the same time low in essential nutrients. If you also take into consideration the reduced physical activity level due to lack of time, then the weakening of your immune system and weight gain come as no surprise.


Soak the chickpeas and bring to boil for an hour until soft. Drain and chill.


DODONI dairy company, the leader company in production and distribution of dairy products in Greece, expands its activity in the Cypriot market, by founding the Company DODONI DAIRY PRODUCTS (CYPRUS) LTD and Halloumi and Anari cheese factory unit.