What's New

‘’FoodChem Day 2019’’, which was held on Friday 10 May, was a resounding success. Powered by Chemecon and sponsored by DODONI dairy industry, this informative day was organised for the first time this year to provide networking opportunities between companies and the academic community.


For the third time in succession, DODONI will be at the Athens Street Food Festival and at the Mac N’ Cheesus stand, connecting the public with the Taste of Good once again!


DODONI Epirotiko Strained is a yoghurt of high nutritional value with a rich taste and unique texture. It is made from 100% Greek fresh milk from Epirus, which DODONI collects daily from 60 carefully-selected farms in Epirus and to which it provides technical support throughout the year.


DODONI dairy industry, the leading producer and distributor of PDO Feta, participated in the “FETA PDO, LET’S GET REAL!” information programme. Organized by ELGO-DEMETER, through its implementing body Novacert Ltd., the programme focuses on the protection of PDO Feta and seeks to educate international consumers.


Greek consumers may explore the basic meaning of the Taste of Good by visiting DODONI Dairy industry's specially designed microsite.


DODONI P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Feta maintained its position on first place in Greek market for 2018, continuing a long tradition and bond of trust with consumers that has remained unshaken throughout the company’s 56-year history.