What's New

DODONI dairy industry, the leading producer and distributor of PDO Feta, participated in the “FETA PDO, LET’S GET REAL!” information programme. Organized by ELGO-DEMETER, through its implementing body Novacert Ltd., the programme focuses on the protection of PDO Feta and seeks to educate international consumers.


Greek consumers may explore the basic meaning of the Taste of Good by visiting DODONI Dairy industry's specially designed microsite.


DODONI P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) Feta maintained its position on first place in Greek market for 2018, continuing a long tradition and bond of trust with consumers that has remained unshaken throughout the company’s 56-year history.


For yet another year, Christmas will have ''The Taste of Good'', the taste of DODONI. The leading dairy industry from Epirus is inviting consumers who prefer authentic, 100% Greek, DODONI products to take part in ''the Sleigh of Love'' competition, which aims at supporting the work of “The Smile of the Child'' organisation, and offering unique DODONI gifts.


DODONI SA, on occasion of the launch of the new milking period 2018-2019, announced that it has paid in full the incoming milk from the more than 5,500 farmers it works with, proving once again that it is one of the most reliable Greek companies in terms of payment.


DODONI, the leading dairy industry from Epirus, is the proud big sponsor of the first TEDxMaviliSquare event, held by TED, the non-profit organisation which aims to spread ideas and opinions.