Feta PDO

FETA has been established as P.D.O. by the European Commission within the framework of its philosophy for protection...

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Feta in Brine

DODONI FETA is available in new packaging of 400gr with the freshness of natural brine...

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Strained Light 2%

It is product of fresh, pasteurized cow milk, semi-unbuttered, milk protein and yogurt yeast...

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DODONI quality has a flavour!!

Its name has been identified with the unrivaled authentic flavour of Greek Feta. All connoisseurs and gourmets have made tasting Feta a habit..

Pork tenderloin filled DODONI Feta cheese

Slice the meat and season. In the center of the sliced meat, place the pepper slices, the onions and the sliced feta cheese. Roll the meat, coat it in aluminium foil to cook in the oven at low heat.

Gruyere in loaf

One of the most delicious Greek cheeses, Gruyere Dodoni, is now available on the bench right cheese cut into slices of toast...

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